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Surrey Home Removals FAQ's
How long does it take to move?
This will depend on the size of your house, where your are moving from and to and what type of removals service you require. Most house moves take between 1 and 3 days but could be longer depending on your circumstances. This can be clarified during your home survey or by calling us on 0800 193 4121

How much will it cost to move house?

This will depend on what you are moving, where from and to and what type of moving service you require. We can arrange a survey visit to your home and professionally assess the amount you have to move, providing an accurate quotation free of charge. You can also get a quote online. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any advice or to arrange a visit.

Are my goods insured?

With our removals insurance you can have complete peace of mind, knowing that your effects are covered against all risks of physical loss or damage (subject to the terms and conditions enclosed with our quotation). Our representative will be able to explain your full cover in detail with you at the time of your survey.


Please note that we do insist you are insured but you may take out insurance with a third party if you wish to do so (proof of cover is required).

What packing services do you offer?

We can offer you various packing type services:


  • Full Packing: - Here we carefully and professionally pack all your boxable effects saving you time and effort. You can have peace of mind knowing our professionally trained team have packed all your items safely


  • Fragile Packing: - This option allows us to pack all or part of any fragile effects you have around the home. Our teams are professionally trained packers so relax while we look after those sensitive and precious items in your property. You can then focus on packing all your other personal items prior to the removal.


  • No Packing: - This allows you to pack all your boxable effects in advance of the move. We can supply you with purpose made cartons to ensure you use the correct type of box for the items you pack. 

When is the right time to get a quote?

House moving can be stressful, and being prepared is key to making it all run smoothly. Surrey Home Removals can provide you a quote for moving house tomorrow, or in a year's time! 


  • If you would simply like to know how much to budget for a removals company, please use our online quote form


  • If you would like a more comprehensive idea of price and service, it is best to arrange a free home survey 4-6 weeks before the date you would like to move.


  • If you are moving abroad, then your schedule will be much longer, and may need to factor in shipping times which can be as long as 12 weeks, so getting a international quote as early as possible is always best.

Can you move heavy items such as safes, large cabinets or sofas?

Yes, we have the right equipment and staff knowledge to undertake these types of services.

Have a question that has not been covered?


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