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Moving Check List

Preparation and planning is the key to any move, so use our essential guide to work through the list of things to do before the big day.

Up to 1 month in advance

  • Arrange and confirm your removal date as far in advance as possible

  • Arrange storage with us for any items wanted but not needed

  • Order packing cases and materials if we’re not doing the packing for you

  • Change of address – remember to let all your friends, family and companies know that you’re moving

  • Service providers i.e. internet / phone often require 1 months’ notice of moving, so don’t forget to inform them early on

  • Change address for both your car insurance and the DVLA

  • Forward your post at the post office if required

  • De-register at the doctor and dentist if moving out of the area

Up to 2 weeks in advance

  • If you are doing the packing yourself, then we’d advise sorting belongings and packing non-essential items as early as possible

  • Clear out the shed / garage

  • Begin to declutter and dispose of unwanted items

  • Arrange for young children and pets to be cared for elsewhere

Up to 2 days in advance

  • Pack a survival bag – see our suggested kit below!

  • Remove any fixtures and fittings you are taking

  • Defrost the freezer

  • Leave labelled keys for your buyers

  • Ensure new house keys and essential documents are in a safe place

  • Leave forwarding address and contact details

  • Take final readings of all utility meters

  • Ensure important documents are left for new owners, i.e. heating systems, appliances, guarantees, insurance and service contracts

  • Before the removal van departs, check nothing has been forgotten

  • Arrive at your new property, with the keys, before the removal van

On the day of the move

Your survival kit

Make the transition into your new home as stress free as possible with our essential survival kit for the first couple of days:

  • Address book

  • Basic tools, nails and screws

  • Candles, matches, a torch

  • Change of clothes

  • Tea and coffee making equipment

  • First aid kit

  • Fuses and electrical tape

  • Light bulbs

  • Tin opener

  • Loo rolls

  • Personal toiletries

  • Towels

  • Valuables (jewellery)

  • Toys and games for children

  • Pack a suitcase for the first day, including school uniforms

  • Bottle of Champagne to celebrate!

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